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Topic: neurodiversity

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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Just like life outside, the workplace is a hugely diverse environment. We’re all unique with our own life experiences and personal preferences. They shape how we like to work and get things done. Our differences are the reason great things happen in the workplace. And, as we celebrate the strengths that diversity can bring, we must also be proactive in our support.

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10 HR Leaders Make A Pledge For Disability Inclusion

What will you do to challenge unconscious biases, and help your neurodivergent colleagues and those with disabilities, to feel more understood and welcomed in the workplace? Here's 10 pledges from HR leaders.
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4 ways employers can combat stigmas surrounding neurodiversity

In this interview, Martin McKay shares how to reduce stigma around neurodiversity in the workplace.
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12 neurodiversity strengths that come from thinking differently

In this blog, 12 business leaders and HR professionals share with us what they think are the biggest strengths that come from thinking differently.
Title '12 neurodiversity strengths that come from thinking differently' with headshots of the 12 business leaders

4 ways the policing community are making a difference in diversity & inclusion

In this blog, hear how four policing organisations are making a difference in the diversity and inclusion space.
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3 reasons to bring disability inclusion to the mainstream: the rising, the unforeseen & the unforgettable

Beyond the moral responsibility to do so, let's take a look at the growing need to bring disability inclusion into the D&I agenda.
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Is the disability employment gap getting wider?

In this blog we take a look at how the disability employment gap is changing and we examine how organisations can support their disabled employees.
Text reads: Is the disability employment gap getting wider?

11 tips to creating an inclusive workplace that supports neurodiversity

In this blog we highlight 11 key takeaways from our Festival of Workplace Inclusion.
Festival of Workplace Inclusion #TexthelpFest22

What to expect at Texthelp's first ever Festival of Workplace Inclusion

On this day, we’ll be bringing together industry experts and people with lived experiences of neurodiversity and disability. Together, we’ll uncover how we can work together to drive change, and make a lasting impact. Discover more.
Festival of Workplace Inclusion #TexthelpFest22

10 tips for creating sense of belonging in the workplace

To help employees feel a sense of belonging at work, we asked HR and business professionals this question for their insights. Here's 10 top tips.
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Celebrating different minds

This week ( March 21st - 27th) marks Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an event that celebrates neurodivergent strengths at all stages in life, from school to the workplace.
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Neurodiversity exists in the world and should be in the workplace too

Check out our infographic for a quick overview of what neurodiversity is.
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Why your workplace needs a dash of Autism

Neurodiverse conditions are a part of human diversity with each making the world a more interesting and unique place to be. Those with Autism experience the world differently and offer original concepts of shared experiences.

11 team communication tips to improve workplace interactions

In this guest blog from Markitors, 11 professionals share their thoughts on how to improve workplace interactions and what it means for your diverse team.
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10 ways neurodivergent thinking can help us adapt to an unusual world

We are all adjusting our lives in these unprecedented times, and you cannot help but think: are we in a movie?

Supporting autistic employees during change

In this guest blog, our friends at Auticon tell us how they support employees with Autism during times of change.

5 ways to become more consciously inclusive of your neurodivergent colleagues

Discover what it means to be consciously inclusive. Gain 5 ways to practice conscious inclusion. Help create a more inclusive workplace for neurodiverse colleagues.
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8 ways to support employees with dyslexia

Hear from 8 inclusive organisations and discover simple adjustments to help you support employees with dyslexia.

Travel with confidence through DEI with the first of Texthelp’s Guided Tours

We’ll be taking a whistle stop tour to the virtual shores of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. And we’ll be exploring DE&I Beach with a specific focus on hidden disabilities and neurodiverse talent.
Texthelp Guided Tours. Roundtable discussion. Travel with confidence through your DE&I journey.