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What is readability?

Readability is all about how easy or difficult it is to read something.  

Introducing ReachDeck…

These are very exciting times here at Texthelp! We’ve just launched a brand new website. And released the first version of our new enterprise accessibility solution, ReachDeck.
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9 ways to create digital experiences that are inclusive for all

To help your company create digital experiences that are inclusive to all, we asked business leaders and PR experts for their best ideas. Here are nine ways to create inclusive digital experiences for your customers.
Title '9 ways to create digital experiences that are inclusive for all' with headshots of of 9 business leaders

How can you remove online barriers to Higher Education?

We know that providing a supportive experience for your learners is at the forefront of everything you do, but does your website also live up to your standards? In this blog, explore the POUR guidelines.

AbilityNet: Creating accessible & inclusive digital content

In this guest blog, we hear from Daniel McLaughlan, Accessibility Consultant at AbilityNet, on why we should develop an inclusive approach to digital communications.

Beyond the website: creating accessible experiences

In this guest blog, Jean Downey, Head of Digital & Creative Services at Ofcom, shares some insight into creating accessible experiences

7 principles for creating inclusive digital experiences

We teamed up with Ceri Balson, Head of Digital at Scope, to bring you some top tips for creating inclusive digital experiences.

How to make information accessible for people with disabilities

Hear from Rachael Montgomery, Accessibility and UX Advocate, on six steps to becoming more accessible.

Making essential digital communications inclusive & accessible

Websites should be designed and updated in line with web accessibility best practice. To help, here's what we've learned from the experts.

FAQs around web accessibility

We've pulled together some FAQs around web accessibility, to help you on your way to becoming more digitally inclusive.

Accessibility is usability

In this guest blog, Clare from Content Design London, identifies the difference between accessibility and usability, and explains how they're linked.
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‘Women over 55 don’t cook!’

Hear from Gordon McCullough at RiDC on the role of web accessibility when it comes to inclusive user experiences.
Title 'Understanding user experiences to move beyond accessibility' with a headshot of author Gordon McCullough from RIDC

Creating an accessible Canada

What is the Accessible Canada Act, and what does it mean for you?
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What is WCAG 2.1 and how do I make sense of the guidelines?

Discover more the WCAG guidelines and what they mean.

How to make your web content accessible and D&I friendly

Discover the top tips on how to make your website more accessible and help engage your visitors even more.
Headshot of Jennifer Pyne, Brand Director at Radley Yeldar

This (inaccessible) digital world

In this guest blog, Dr. Kristen Liesch explores how web inaccessibility leads to exclusion for many on a daily basis.

A new look for the Texthelp website

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. It's been built in prismic with a big focus on UX, accessibility with a clean and clear UI. Take a look and tell us what you think
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How website accessibility can positively impact SEO

In this guest blog, Claire Brotherton, Founder of A Bright Clear Web, explores the link between web accessibility and SEO. Read and discover some simple measures you can take to increase your website’s accessibility, whilst positively impacting your SEO.

8 web accessibility initiatives that can be done differently

In this blog, eight Marketing professionals reflect on web accessibility initiatives that could be done differently. Have a read and let us know what your biggest challenges are in the comments section!

Have you POURed enough into website compliance?

In this blog, we identify what it means to make sure your website is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. In other words, truly accessible.

What is the EU Web Accessibility Directive?

Explore the EU Web Accessibility Directive and what it means for public services providers in our blog.
Two people looking at the screen on a laptop together. Text reads EU Directive on Accessibility