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Texthelp Learning, Training and Certification

Get up to speed with our software through our learning resources for all users and our live training options, then verify your expertise by participating in our certification program.

Let's get started learning how to use...

Choose your product below to access our learning resources designed to help both instructors and students:


Installation, getting started and quick reference guides for Chrome, Windows, Mac, iPad, Android and Microsoft Edge users of Read&Write.


Installation and quick reference guides for Chrome, Windows and Mac users of EquatIO. You'll also find integration guides for EquatIO and Mathspace, as well as other Learning Management Systems.

Fluency Tutor

Installation resources, getting started guides and links to useful tech support articles for Fluency Tutor.


Getting started guides, how to register with WriQ and an introduction to how to use WriQ with your students.


Learning resources to help get you started with using OrbitNote.

Texthelp certification program

Test your knowledge of our software and its features and become a certified user.