OrbitNote for Read&Write: PDFs Will Never Be the Same

Join us for a live training session exploring OrbitNote

Join our comprehensive OrbitNote training to sharpen your knowledge of this powerful PDF toolbar.

We will also be talking through new updates to OrbitNote and what is to come.

OrbitNote for Read&Write: PDFs Will Never Be the Same

Get ready for Back to School and dive into the features that will take your learners' PDFs to the next level.

Experience the synergy of OrbitNote's intuitive features, creating a dynamic learning environment where students and educators can engage with PDF materials like never before.

OrbitNote introduces a new dimension to PDF interaction, empowering users to:

  • annotate
  • highlight
  • collaborate directly within documents

With OrbitNote's intuitive annotation features, students and educators can mark up text, add comments, and engage in collaborative discussions, fostering deeper understanding and critical thinking skills.

Join us for an exploration of how this dynamic tool can revolutionize your classroom, fostering enhanced engagement, comprehension, and student success in the upcoming school year.

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