uPar: Identify Their Path to Understanding

Join us for a live training session exploring uPar

Join our comprehensive uPar training to sharpen your knowledge of this powerful accommodation identification tool.

We will talk through the exciting ways you can learn and show what your students need to successfully comprehend text and access the curriculum.

uPar: Identify Their Path to Understanding

Get ready for Back to School and dive into tool that will identify your learners' needs surrounding literacy, understanding and accessibility.

uPar, the Universal Protocol in Accommodation for Reading, provides actionable data to enhance reading comprehension support for students who benefit from read-aloud support. Whether through text-to-speech technology, human reader audio, or independent reading, uPar delivers insights that help educators understand and meet their students’ reading needs.

In this session we will:

  • Explore what uPar is and why it’s beneficial
  • Analyze sample data to see how it improves reading comprehension
  • Learn to understand the tools that improve comprehension, including text-to-speech and other read-aloud supports.

This training will equip you with the knowledge to effectively use uPar data, ensuring your students receive the best support for their reading success!

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