Access to Work 

If you’re an accredited Access to Work assessor, it’s worth getting to know Read&Write. 

Our software supports employees with dyslexia, visual impairments, learning difficulties and other disabilities who qualify for financial assistance under the Access to Work Scheme.
Available for PCs and tablets, Read&Write helps with a wide range of literacy tasks in today’s neurodiverse workplace – from composing quick emails to writing reports or researching information online.

Help in the workplace

Read&Write helps employees qualifying for Access to Work support overcome literacy challenges in the workplace. Our discreet, easy to use toolbar for PCs and tablets offers these useful features:
  • Hear web pages, emails and documents read aloud with a choice of natural voices
  • Convert documents and web pages to MP3 files for listening on the move
  • Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries: great for staff whose first language isn’t English
  • Reduce errors with intuitive word prediction, spell checker and proofreader
  • Summarise reports quickly and easily with colourful highlighters
  • Accessibility features including screen tint help staff with dyslexia and visual stress
Available product
  • Read&Write for Work

Boosting productivity for all staff

Read&Write isn’t just for qualifying Access to Work employees. It also boosts productivity for all staff in the workplace, whenever and wherever it’s needed.
Available product
  • Read&Write for Work

Accredited Access to Work assessors can evaluate Read&Write at no cost.