29 November 2017 09:00:00

Excellence in Healthcare 2017

''The public sector needs to cut costs, do more with less, improve efficiency and increase the quality of services delivered to citizens.'' WE've been hearing this since 2010 and all Healthcare Trusts and Local Authorities are contuning to do this. However, simply cutting the budget and improving efficienct within individual organisations is not enough, there needs to be a more integrated approach to the delivery of services.

In line with the Health and Social Care Act, Public Health functions were transferred from the NHS to Local Government and since then we have begun to see a difference landscape for how care is delivered. However, the path to a fully integrated care programme is not straight forward and we still have a long way to go, although there are some exemplar examples to learn from of which many will be talked about at this meeting.

The Excellence in Healthcare meeting will bring together senior leaders from across Healthcare and Local Government to network with each other and discuss the current hot topics.

Key topics to be discissed include:
Business intelligence as an enabler for transformation
Clinician engagement within technology
Local Government's role in the delivery of STP's
Challenges with Electronic Patient Records
How to identify areas where efficiency can be improved
Estate rationalisation
Internal and external collaboration
What is standing in the way of an integrated Health and Social Care System?

During this meeting, all attendees will be able to share their own experiences and the challenges they are currently facing. In addition, you will then have the opportunity to look at different ways of addressing these problems and an overall look at where we were, where we are and what needs to be done to get where we need to be.
De Vere Wokefield Estate
Goodboys Lane

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13 December 2017 09:00:00

Open Forum Events: NHS Productivity 2017

As part of the Health and Social Care portal, Open Forum Events are pleased to introduce the NHS Productivity: Delivering Better Value Care Conference.

Despite the recent political manoeuvrings, it would appear that an increase in NHS funding is not high on the list of priorities. All the while, budgets  are being squeezed the need for NHS services is on the increase. Performance figures confirm a relentless demand with the NHS treating more patients than ever before.

Keeping up with the demands is challenging, however it is suggested that rethinking how to attain greater productivity and the way this is measured, may alleviate some of the pressures. Productivity is a simple comparison between the outputs produced by the NHS i.e. the amount and quality of care provided, with the inputs used to produce them i.e staff, equpiment, drugs, clinical supplies etc. Improved productivity can be can be achieved through efficiency and cost measures or alternatively by getting better value from the existing budget. 

The NHS Productivity: Delivering Better Value Care conference will provide a platform for invested stakeholders to discuss how addressing the productivity challenge can alleviate some of the financial pressure the NHS currently finds itself. The programme will examine how productivity can be in areas such as workforce planning and development, procurement, clinical practice and everyday processes by 'doing something different' to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and deliver greater value from the existing budget.
Bridgewater Hall
M2 3WS

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22 November 2017 09:00:00

Scottish Digital Health and Care Conference 2017

The conference is aimed at staff working in sectors including: health, social care, housing, the voluntary sector, research, policy, technology and academia, who are interested in how digital technologies can be used to support improvement and innovation.

We are delighted that the cabinet secretary for Health and Sport, Shona Robinson, MSP, will introduce the confernce. The programme will feature keynote presentations providing strategic insightes into how Digital Health and Care can transform the delivery of services. In addition, workshops and plenary discussions will provide a forum for knowledge exchange with innovators across the sector.

Location: Exhibitions will be on Level 2
Strathclyde University
Technology and Innovation Centre
99 George Street
G1 1RD

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