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Used widely across the NHS and local government, our assistive technology software can help ensure your website and digital communications meet the Accessible Information Standard. 

Smart and easy to use, our software helps you deliver information in alternative formats, making health and social care information more accessible to all.

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Browsealoud being used on the NHS England website

Here's what our solutions can do for your online visitors

Text-to-speech makes online services and information more accessible with a choice of read aloud voices, different reading speeds and highlighters to improve the reader’s understanding.

Translates digital content into 99 languages (in print) and provides read aloud translation in 40 languages.

PDF reader reads aloud and translates PDFs, making them more accessible to everyone.

MP3 generator instantly converts online health information to audio file format.

Screen mask blocks on-screen clutter, letting users focus on the text they want to read.

Web page simplifier removes distracting content, creating a simple format for online information - ideal for those with dyslexia and cognitive impairments.

Vocab List & Picture Widgets help create instant easy read documents and simple health glossaries. 

Scan lets you convert paper documents into Word format, which can then be read aloud, translated or font size increased. 

Custom settings enables users to tailor settings to suit their individual needs and preferences.