At Texthelp, we want to help you (the teacher) become superheroes in your own classroom. So below, under different themes, you’ll find key hints and tips on how best to use the Texthelp tools that your school has invested in. These might inspire your lesson planning, help you to save time, become much more efficient, and also empower your own students to be the best they can be and become superheroes too. 

Pick a theme below to discover the resources to help you in the classroom. 

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Reading comprehension 

See our Highlight feature in action, and discover how it can help students self monitor their comprehension. 

Colour code task

This word card strategy will use a number of different Read&Write features to improve vocabulary understanding.

Word card exercise

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Writing support

Discover the features offered in the Read&Write toolbar that supports and improves student writing. 

Writing support features

Set your students a reading task, and ask them to answer questions using a number of Read&Write writing features. 

Writing exercise

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Maths and STEM 

Sometimes it is hard to think how to incorporate technology into good old pen and paper lessons. But we have a few ideas.

EquatIO Activities

With the right tools, Maths can be an exciting experience for students. Discover a variety of resources here. 

Empower your students

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Independent study & revision

Read&Write features can create useful resources and the tools can be used to complete fun, independent activities.

Study activities

Did you know you can use EquatIO Mathspace to create engaging maths tasks for independent learning? 

Mathspace activities

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Check out these super top 5 tips for using a computer reader in exams. 

Give it a read

Pupils at Claremont School use Read&Write for independence in exams.

Case study

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Curriculum mapping

Here’s how the Read&Write toolbar can be used by every student across multiple subjects. 

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Does your students have access to all the tools they need to succeed digitally.

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