Helping you meet the new curriculum requirements

Children and young people today are entering a fast-paced world that is increasingly competitive, ever-changing, globally connected and technologically advanced. Schools across Wales are now having to prepare young people for jobs that have not yet been created and challenges we are yet to encounter.

The Welsh Government have identified a need to place emphasis upon improving the skills and knowledge of young people as well as raising standards in a new transformational curriculum.  

According to the new Welsh National Education Mission, there has never been a more important time to take a look at the education system and a reform of the curriculum is at the heart of the national mission. There is now an increased emphasis placed upon reducing the attainment gap and delivering an education system that accommodates for well educated, safe and happy children. 
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Bridging the attainment gap between the most able and the least able of your students is now at the top of the agenda and one of the first things to tackle is the difference in your students’ literacy levels. Poor literacy will have an effect on every area of a child’s education, as well as impact upon opportunities in later life.

Spotting the signs of poor literacy in a large classroom or even across an Education Authority is no easy task. And with increasing numbers of students in each class, it’s important to spot the signs of struggling readers and writers at an early stage so that appropriate interventions can be made.

We teamed up with Target Literacy Director, Christine Cork, to produce this handy guide for spotting the signs of students with literacy difficulties as well as some easy-to-implement interventions. 
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Here at Texthelp we know that putting the National Education plans into place will be challenging but we’ve got lots of help and support available to help you cater to the multiple learning styles within the classroom, whilst still meeting the objectives of the new plans.

The new Education mission outlines a growing need for bilingual students and places emphasis upon all learners speaking the Welsh language. The great thing about our Read&Write software is that we now support the Welsh language voice available through the RNIB website, allowing those auditory learners in class to listen to passages and on-screen text read aloud.