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Discover our award-winning literacy, language and STEM solutions help students of all ages and abilities. They’re instantly accessible on any device to support able learners, students with additional learning needs and pupils learning English as a second language.
With easy deployment and attractive licensing options, our cost-effective tools are a compelling choice for Welsh local authorities, providing equity of access for every learner. What’s more, they’re a valuable complementary resource for effective delivery of the Digital Competence Framework (DCF) from Learning Wales.

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Texthelp tools for every learner

Whilst our tools are essential for students with additional learning needs, English language learners, or pupils in a low attainment group, every student can benefit from using our tools to support effective study skills for revision, coursework and exams.

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Our award-winning literacy toolset has been proven to support students throughout their own personal learning journey – in class, in exams and in their own study time. The Welsh government’s national mission places an emphasis on all learners speaking the Welsh language. The great thing about our Read&Write software is that we support the Welsh language voice, allowing those auditory learners in class to listen to passages and on-screen text read aloud. 


Bridge the gap between traditional teaching and digital maths with EquatIO, our acclaimed STEM support toolset that’s a perfect partner for today’s tech-focused schools and academies.

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Fluency Tutor

Great for time-stretched teachers, Fluency Tutor helps students of all ages and ability levels become more avid, engaged and confident readers. What’s more, it gives educators a clear picture of every child’s reading attainment and progress over time.

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Our Education team are on hand to help you every step of the way with Read&Write. We can schedule online webinars, phone calls or even an onsite visit to help you, simply get in touch.

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