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 We’re all experiencing a period of increasing uncertainty and change.

More and more organisations across the globe are being affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus). As we move to remote working and learning and social distancing measures come into effect, this means unprecedented disruption.

We want to do our part to help minimise that disruption and support your business continuity efforts. We are committed to helping you support employees, your customers and your website users and to making sure that you’ve got everything you need to use our technology. 

We understand that each business will have differing and unique needs during these challenging times, and we have a wide suite of products which could help meet those needs. 

How to use Texthelp Tools to Support Employees & Website Users

At Texthelp, our vision is for a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers. Technology has a hugely important role to play in helping to remove barriers to working and communicating effectively and at this time, that’s more important than ever.

So if you need to migrate to remote working practices, or increase the accessibility of essential communications and digital services, we want to make sure that you’ve got all the information you need to use our technology.

Take a look to understand how our tools can help support your business.


Supporting Employees

We have long understood the importance of supporting teams both inside and outside the office. With the move towards increased levels of remote working, our tools integrate securely with G Suite, Microsoft all the programmes staff already use on their computers, laptops and tablets. 

Read&Write, is a powerful productivity tool that suits everyone’s workstyle - helping staff to work smarter, more efficiently, and more accurately. It particularly benefits those with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD and Aspergers.

Supporting essential communication and digital services

As organisations take steps to limit travel, cancel or postpone face-to-face appointments and replace in-person events with virtual ones, it’s vitally important that the information you produce online can be accessed and understood by every website user.

Browsealoud, is a useful toolbar that provides your web content in different formats and languages so it can be accessed by a much wider audience.


Maintain essential in-office support tools at home. Read&Write makes documents, web pages, PDFs and office applications more accessible. Our toolbar helps employees with everyday literacy tasks - from composing a quick email to writing reports, proofing lengthy documents or searching for information on the web. Functions particularly benefit staff with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, as well as employees whose first language isn’t English.


Browsealoud adds speech, reading, and translation to websites facilitating access and participation for people with Dyslexia, Low Literacy, English as a Second Language, and those with mild visual impairments.

Online content can be read aloud in multiple languages using the most natural and engaging voice to enhance the user’s reading experience.
From valuable resources to best practices, we’ll give you the information you need to start supporting your employees and customers during this time, please get in touch and we'll do our best to create the right resources for you.  In the meantime, here are some links to get you up and running faster.