easy-to-use support technologies for the workplace

We create smart, easy-to-use support technologies that enable everyone to communicate better in the workplace and increase their productivity. 

By making documents, web pages and office applications more accessible, we help people with everyday literacy tasks - from composing a quick email to writing reports, proofing lengthy documents or searching for information on the web.

Our easy-to-use functions are also great for people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, as well as those whose first language isn’t English.

What our technologies can do for you

  • Proactive and dedicated account manager
  • Generous recurring revenue - SaaS model
  • Tons of support and incentives to earn more

What our technologies can do for your customers

  • Unlocks productivity
  • Supports neurodiversity
  • Strengthens communications

About our technologies

  • Cloud solutions that complement Google and Microsoft
  • Multi platform, multi device
  • Used by over 13 million people worldwide 

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what our customers say...


Employees reported an increase in productivity and accuracy in their role, feeling valued and appreciated following the implementation of Read&Write. The stigma attached to declaring their disability decreased/ceased to exist, and employees felt confident offering peer-to-peer support to other colleagues around the disability agenda.

Miranda Wayland, ITV

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