An Accessible Information Standard policy aims to ensure that those with a disability receive accessible health and social care information.

Organisations that provide care in England are required by law to follow the Standard. This includes NHS Trusts, GP practices and Local Government. 

Being able to communicate effectively with patients can not only support adherence to the Standard, but also improve safety and outcomes for patients.

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10 percent of the population is affected by a learning disability, and a further 8 percent speak languages other than English.  More than 60 NHS Trusts are already using Browsealoud to help meet the Accessible Information Standard.

Meet the standard 

Used widely across the NHS and local government, our assistive technology software, Browsealoud, can help ensure your website and digital communications meet the NHS Accessible Information Standard. 

Browsealoud instantly transforms your digital content into a number of customisable, alternative formats so that all website visitors can take ownership of their health care.

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Find out how Browsealoud was helpful in Bridgewater's recent Care Quality Commission inspection.

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Healthwatch Trafford was keen for their service to be as accessible as possible.

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Avoid expensive formatting costs

It is not cost or time effective to produce every piece of communication in every suggested alternative format and language. 

Signpost people to your website, to use Browsealoud to magnify, listen and translate your digital content. 

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