More health services are moving online, from GP appointments and prescription requests to patients accessing their own health records.

With over 11 million people across the UK lacking basic computer skills, the move to a digitised NHS poses some big challenges. It’s compounded by other common barriers to inclusion that may include inadequate provisions for cultural and language diversity. 

At Texthelp we create friendly, easy-to-use assistive technology that boosts health literacy for NHS patients and their families.

Our award-winning solutions support individuals with challenges like dyslexia who can find it difficult to access healthcare content and services online. We’re also making it easier for staff at many NHS primary and secondary care bodies across the UK to communicate more effectively in the workplace.
Around 10 percent of people in Wales are digitally excluded due to a lack of confidence in their reading or writing.

Towards a Healthy Future

More than Just Words is the Welsh Government Framework that requires all care providers to offer Welsh language care services to the same standard as English ones.

Browsealoud makes healthcare websites and online services more accessible for patients and their families, with easy-to-use features like text-to-speech and instant translation into Welsh and many other commonly spoken languages.
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Find out how Browsealoud is making digital access easier at Bridgewater Community Healthcare.

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Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust foster greater equality and inclusion for staff with literacy challenges.

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Supporting NHS Wales employee communication

Used daily by millions of people around the world, Read&Write makes documents and digital content accessible for NHS employees with literacy challenges and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. 

With more than 30% of doctors in Wales gaining their qualifications overseas, Read&Write also helps non-native speakers research information online and communicate with greater accuracy and confidence.  
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  • Read&Write for Work

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