Raise staff productivity

Take a different approach to everyday tasks like composing emails, writing reports or undertaking research. Read&Write’s productivity tools create polished, error free documents to help employees keep up with the busy work environment. Here’s how:

Intuitive Word prediction completes the word being typed and predicts the words likely to follow. Handy for writing long emails or documents. 

Give tired eyes a break and absorb information away from the computer with Audio-maker. Convert a long report into an MP3 audio file and listen to it on the go.

Read aloud what’s on screen to proofread and reinforce understanding. Play reads screen text aloud and picks up errors that could be missed. 

Productivity contributes to business growth & success

As the saying goes “it’s not the number of hours you put into work, it is the amount of work you put in those hours”. A motivated employee creates a positive environment and contributes a great output whilst an unmotivated employee can become distant and unengaged.

Decreased productivity could mean an increase in sick leave, the need for temporary staff, disciplinary procedures, or an overall increase in staff turnover.

So what can employers do to increase productivity in the workplace? We’ve created a guide that covers many ways organisations can help motivate employees to be a productive member of the business and their respective team(s).

 Unlocking productivity guide

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what our customers say...

Network Rail

‘We decided early on that we wanted to make Read&Write available to everyone in Network Rail.

In common with many other big organisations we’re constantly deluged with email traffic. Many of our staff like using Read&Write to hear their mails read out loud while they’re sitting on the train.’

Kevin Bowsher, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Network Rail
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