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Global Tasks helps students

stay on top of their work.

Global Tasks lets students see the big picture, hides the noise and keeps the focus on high priority tasks.

Use Global Tasks to:

  1. Manage tasks in one place, across all devices
  2. See all projects at a glance and help prioritise
  3. Sort tasks into topics easily, break projects down into smaller steps
  4. Cut down on distractions

Features at a glance

  • See the big picture: See all your projects visually organised in one place, at a glance.

  • Hide the noise: Improve your focus by temporarily hiding tasks you don’t need to see. They’ll be remembered for you and reappear at the time you set

    • Zoom in and out to see the right level of detail.

    • Always in sync: Check your tasks anywhere on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. All of your tasks stay magically in sync across all devices.

    What DSA Assessors say about Global Tasks

    “I have successfully recommended Global Tasks to many of my students. One of my most rewarding cases was a student with co-occurring dyslexia and ADHD who used to struggle with task management and prioritisation, but also fundamental activities, like eating. With the help of their tutor and Global Tasks, they can now plan, organise and prioritise their activities. The structure and support that Global Tasks gives the student is making a real difference in their life.”

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    Where it works

    Global Tasks is available for Windows, macOS, Google Chrome, iOS and Android. Students can use Global Tasks on their laptop, MacBook, Chromebook, phone or tablet.