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Help every student learn and express

themselves with confidence.

Read&Write helps neurodiverse students to access text in flexible ways. Supporting people who think and learn differently. Creating accessible learning for all.

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Use Read&Write to:

  1. Give students the tools they need to succeed
  2. Create more independent learners
  3. Support students with additional needs

Features at a glance

  • Icon Read&Write Text to Speech

    Text-to-speech: Read what is typed including individual words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting.

  • Icon Read&Write Vocabulary List

    Vocabulary List: Creates a list instantly into a new doc, including selected words, the dictionary definitions, images from Widgit Symbols, and an editable notes column.

  • Icon Read&Write for Work Audio Maker

    Audio Maker: Converts selected text into an audio file, and automatically downloads.

    • Icon Read&Write Dictionary

      Text & Picture Dictionaries: Provide definitions and display images to help with word comprehension.

    • Icon Read&Write Check It

      Check It: Reviews writing for incorrect grammar, spelling (phonetic), capitalisation, punctuation, verb tense and more.

    • Icon Read&Write Talk&Type

      Talk&Type: Turns the spoken word into text (unavailable for Read&Write for Mac users).

    DSA Read&Write licences now include OrbitNote, our PDF editor, and AutoCorrect, an automatic spelling correction tool.

    Be sure to check the OrbitNote and AutoCorrect boxes in the form below to get your Assessor Copy.

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    An essential part of your role is making sure you know which tool is right for which student. That’s why you can request your copy of all of our tools here. Simply complete the form and leave the rest to us.

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    What DSA Assessors say about Read&Write

    “I think Read&Write is an excellent resource for users with a wide range of difficulties. I use it mostly with students who have dyslexic traits, but have also introduced it to students who have coordination issues. The range of tools within the software makes it a very flexible resource.”

    Where it works:

    Read&Write is available for Windows, MacOS, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and iOS. Students can use Read&Write on their Chromebook, laptop, MacBook or tablet.


    • Some features on the toolbar do require internet access. While Read&Write for Google Chrome is a browser extension that requires the internet for most features, text to speech can still be used offline. In the case of using the desktop versions of Read&Write for Windows and Mac, only a few features require the internet.

    • Read&Write is constantly evolving, and receives updates every 4-6 weeks. These updates can range from small bug fixes to brand new features and major enhancements.

    • Yes, Read&Write works in many of the major LMS's such as Canvas, Schoology and Brightspace. If you don't see your LMS on that list, just ask us.

    • Yes Read&Write is available in lots of different languages, including Arabic and most recently Irish (Gaelic). To see all of the languages Read&Write supports, follow the instructions in this support article.

    • A subscription means students can enjoy the benefits of Read&Write across all platforms including Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Edge, iPad, and Android.

    • Read&Write is the most widely used computer reader in the UK. It’s a software toolbar with an easy-to-use exam mode to allow restriction of features, so that students will only be able to access approved features during an exam.

    Supporting you all the way

    Our support site gives you access to lots of common questions that other users of our software have about the technical stuff. If you can't find what you're looking for there, then our Tech Support team is on hand at 9-5pm every day to help with troubleshooting or technical problems.