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Reduce the overwhelm and strengthen

academic writing skills

Writing Helper teaches and guides students through the writing process step-by-step. It allows them to organise their thinking and focus on creation instead of presentation.

Use Writing Helper to:

  1. Reinforce the academic writing process
  2. Break complex writing tasks into more manageable sections
  3. Help to check content and manage plagiarism
  4. Make citations, referencing and bibliographies easy to capture

Features at a glance

  • Writing Helper Product icon - dark grey circle with question box in the centre

    Breakdown the question, and focus on the key steps

  • Writing Helper Product icon - dark grey circle with lines and a check mark

    Add tasks and reminders

  • Writing Helper Product icon - dark grey circle with white document outline

    Manage citations and create a bibliography

    • Writing Helper Product icon - dark grey circle with two paragraphs highlighted

      Structure writing in a clear format

    • Writing Helper Product icon - dark grey circle with white paperclip outline

      Highlight resources and copy into writing

    What DSA Assessors say about Writing Helper

    "Naturally, we want to promote independence, and for many people with inefficiencies in their organisational and sequencing abilities, we will want to find tools that scaffold their independence. Writing Helper helps to create independence in planning and writing after an initial support/training intervention. The straightforward user interface is easy to navigate, and the process feels exceedingly intuitive. This is my go-to recommendation for people that find organising the writing process impacts on their work. In fact, I use it myself!"

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    Where it works:

    Students can use Writing Helper on their laptop, Chromebook or MacBook.

    Writing Helper is available for Windows, ChromeOS and macOS.


    • Academic writing comes in many forms, from essays to reports, dissertations or theses. Each one is different when it comes to content, structure, tone, audience and the themes it explores. The creation of these types of academic papers can be said to follow a consistent and well-established structure. Writing Helper breaks down this writing process, and presents it to the student step by step, allowing them to focus on each stage separately, to build a strong piece of writing from the foundations upwards.

    • There are 7 steps in the Writing Helper process. We start by helping students to set goals, such as the word count. Next the question is broken down into key words and then the structure is mapped out. Step 4 is to add the sources, followed by snippets that add weight to the students’ work. Then finally Writing Helper will help students to review work and make any corrections before publishing.

    • There are a number of useful health checks in the Publish tab, and you will be able to see your word count and how it has been broken down by section. Hover over the different bars in the “Words” graphic to see more information. Click the “Publish to Word” button to create the Word document. This document will be created using proper Microsoft Word standards, including proper Styles (e.g. title, heading 1 etc.), References, and Navigation.