Webinars to help you hit the ground running

We’ve put together an in-depth series of webinars to support you on your Read&Write journey. Whether you’re a user that’s brand new to the product or simply looking for a refresh - then these webinars are for you! 

Aimed at teachers, lecturers and support staff, the webinar series begins with the fundamentals, and moves on to practical strategies of how best to use Read&Write to improve educational outcomes for all.

Not only will you learn everything you need to know about the software, you’ll also have access to a wealth of useful resources.


Level 1

Level 1

The fundamentals of Read&Write
Understand how to use each feature effectively in the classroom.  Learn how to make Read&Write work for you and your students.

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Level 2

Level 2

Take Learning further 
Learn about how to use Read&Write in exams, effective strategies using Read&Write in the classroom and how to achieve real positive outcomes for all students across the school with Read&Write.

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Coffee Cup webinars

Alongside our run of in depth webinars, we've produced a series of six, short videos designed to help you get to grips with Read&Write's most popular features, as well as showcase ways to implement them.

So, pop the kettle on, and let Richard and Anna guide you through Read&Write quickly and simply.

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The Student Room

To get the most from Read&Write, it’s just as important to ensure your students understand the ways that it can support them, in and out of class. With practical ways to improve their reading, writing & revision, share these short videos with your class to help them quickly & easily get to grips with Read&Write too! 

 Student support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for more than one webinar?

Absolutely! The idea is that you and your colleagues can explore the many ways Read&Write can support you and your students. Feel free to pass the links on to any of your colleagues.