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About Barking Abbey School

Located in East London, Barking Abbey School is a place where everyone gives and expects the best” and where everyone can say, “I belong”. It’s a mixed school of approximately 2,000 pupils and operates across two sites. The school was finding that more and more students, including SEN students and those with dyslexia, needed a reader in exams.

Success with Read & Write

They purchased a Read&Write licence with home use and have found that this software has had a really positive impact with a clear indication that it is helping students to improve their English grades.

Barking Abbey School: using Read&Write in class, in exams and at home

Barking Abbey School: using Read&Write in class, in exams and at home

Lauren Casey, Subject co-ordinator at Barking Abbey School, first saw Read&Write at Bett and thought it was an amazing piece of software. Although the school initially purchased the software for SEN students they soon realised that it’s a really useful resource for pupils right across the school. 

In order to encourage its’ use they initially delivered training to selected teachers who were then able to train other staff. As more departments came on board teachers could see how easy it was to prepare lessons using the software and how to best adapt these to suit all students’ needs. An important factor in the decision to purchase was the fact that the software could also be used at home. Although homework clubs do run in school it’s not always ‘cool’ to attend. When teachers know that Read&Write can be used at home and that students will continue to benefit from all the support features they are happier to allow work to be completed at home which solved a tricky problem for the school. Pupils who would benefit from using Read&Write were identified and received their training after school where they found it easy to pick up.

Lauren details how Read&Write is being used at Barking Abbey:

Boosting student achievement

“Since implementing the software, teachers at Barking Abbey have noted a marked improvement in students’ English grades when an extended piece of writing is being done. This is partly due to the fact students are able to listen back to the work they have produced and decide whether it makes sense or if there is some punctuation missing.“

Pupil Performance

“When choosing between an electronic exam reader and a human one, the software wins hands down. Students can work at their own pace, making sure that they fully understand what is being asked in each question before starting to write an answer. It also takes away the embarrassment factor that quite a few students face if they have to ask for a question to be read several times.”

24/7 support

"The independence that Read&Write offers students can be experienced in all working environments, the classroom, exams and studying independently at home. The user-friendly nature of the software means students can easily navigate the software and make full use of its many tools to ensure they receive round the clock support.”