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About The Academy, Selsey

Located in West Sussex, “The Academy, Selsey is an 11-16 mixed academy which fosters an ethos where students can be proud of their achievements and strive to be excellent. Pupils are expected to aim high and be the best that they can be in all that they do, which is reflected in the school motto “Pride in Excellence”.  

Success with Read&Write

Their students confidence and comprehension of exam papers has dramatically improved thanks to Read&Write.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this software. Having our students fully engage with their exam access arrangements is a significant achievement and provides them with the best opportunity to perform well in their assessments.”

The Academy, Selsey use Read&Write to significantly improve exam performance

The Academy, Selsey use Read&Write to improve exam performance

It became apparent to The Academy, Selsey that some students felt pressure during exams to be seen as independent and despite being seated in a room in which everyone had the same entitlement to reading assistance, no one wanted to be the first to ask.

Exam Officer, Susie Timney comments, “Students who we know can’t read very well or who process information better if it is read out loud to them, were not utilising the readers they were entitled to and so were not performing to the best of their ability.” 

The school introduced Read&Write to allow students to work independently both in class and during exams. This resulted in a significant change in engagement levels amongst students who had previously refused help from a human reader. 

“We knew then that this software had completely changed the way students viewed and engaged with their own needs.”

“ The same students who would otherwise sit and struggle in an exam, not understanding the words on the page are now having every word read to them and are confidently answering questions they may otherwise have left blank.”

Susie Timney highlights some of the benefits which have become apparent since using Read&Write within The Academy, Selsey.

No embarrassment

“Introducing the Read&Write software has taken that pressure away completely, students can now have their entire paper read to them in complete isolation via the use of headphones. Students can now pause, go back and repeat a section as many times as they want without the embarrassment of asking someone to read the same section over and over, or the fear of disturbing the rest of the students.”


“Students are much more confident when they can control what is read to them independently. We have seen the confidence of our students grow and their comprehension of the exam papers has improved enormously. Within our first year of using the software, students entitled to a reader have seen significant improvements in their English Language and English Literature results.”

Individual Needs

“I was thrilled to find how personalised you could make it, our students are able to make it their own and have the software adapt to them, not the other way round.”