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About Claremont School

  • Claremont School is a co-educational day and boarding school located across two sites in East Sussex.

  • The school’s aim is for every student to develop a proactive and positive attitude towards learning which will support them throughout their lives. 

  • Children that attend the school are encouraged to explore and foster the attributes they have in areas they may least expect.

  • The combined efforts of the academic, co-curricular, pastoral and extracurricular team provide the opportunity for new skills to be developed in a safe and supportive environment.


Claremont Independent School

Pupils at Claremont School use Read&Write for independence in exams

Claremont School is non-selective and amongst the 600 pupils in the prep and senior schools there is an above average number of SEN pupils. In order to facilitate the unique needs of these pupils during exams human readers were frequently used. As JCQ access arrangements for examinations do not allow human readers to read the Reading section of GCSEs, Sylvie Herold, SEND-Co-ordinator at Claremont introduced Read&Write software as it complies with all regulations and can be used in the Reading section.

It's clear to see how useful the software is to the pupils both in class and during independent study. Read&Write can be accessed on the schools network and some pupils use the software on their laptops. All staff are encouraged to promote the use of Read&Write during lessons. This allows students to become familiar with the software and its functions before using it during exams. Having the software in place for exams makes a huge difference to those pupils that struggle with reading and also with proof-reading. The program helps them to spot punctuation, spelling and grammar errors in their writing thereby boosting their grades.

Sylvie Herold, Claremont’s SEND-Co notes that many students in the school find the software to be an invaluable learning resource.

Students are au fait with technology nowadays and after the initial humour they get from testing out the voices they quickly become comfortable using it.

Concentration during exams

“Students are able to focus better during exams because once they put their headphones on they are less likely to become distracted and can listen to any question or section until it makes sense.”

Exam performance

“Spelling, punctuation and grammar have gained a greater focus in exams. This means there are additional marks available to students for performing well in these areas. The most popular function is the Read Aloud one because it doesn’t stop reading if a pupil forgets to put in a full stop. This is one example of a small grammatical mistake that otherwise could be easily missed.”

Preparation for life after school

“When assessing our different options, we looked at a number of other competitors. Read&Write definitely has more going for it in terms of features and it is used in a lot of universities. We feel that using the software in school helps to prepare the students to use it in further and higher education where there is a lot more research work involved.”