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At Texthelp, our friendly tools are made to help all your students read, write, solve problems, collaborate and express themselves with confidence. What’s more, they let educators deliver a more personalized learning experience that complements all technology strategies and learning plans.

With millions of users worldwide, Read&Write gives everyone a valuable literacy boost. It supports students with learning difficulties like dyslexia with word recognition and comprehension. It helps English Language Learners find the right words. And its powerful research and proofing tools give extra polish to your ablest kids’ written work - in class, at home and in assessments.

Students who are lacking literacy confidence can practice reading passages aloud in their own time - and at their own pace - with Fluency Tutor. Write, speak or type formulas and other expressions with EquatIO, making math digital - and accessible - for all your STEM students.

Teachers can measure and track every student’s writing attainment level and progress with WriQ.

Educating together: Texthelp grows international sales with Spanish channel partner Ieducando

Educating together: growing international sales with Ieducando

 A successful partnership between Texthelp and specialist distributor Ieducando is driving sales of Edtech products across the Iberia region.
Established in 2010, Ieducando is a value-added IT reseller serving educational markets. A pioneering technology provider to schools and colleges, the distributor offers an extensive portfolio of leading hardware and software brands, complemented by its own consultancy, development and training services.
Ieducando serves many of Spain's biggest educational customers and more than 350 schools across the country. In parallel with its core markets in Spain and Portugal, the reseller is also increasingly active in other regions including US, Mexico and Italy.

Iberian trailblazer

Spain’s first Google for Education Premier Partner, the Seville-based trailblazer recognised Google’s appeal to educators as early as 2007. Today it offers Texthelp’s complete Google G-Suite for education portfolio, including literacy support products Read&Write and Fluency Tutor. Fast gaining popularity with mathematics and STEM teachers, EquatIO lets students type, speak or write mathematical formulas, adding them to docs, sheets and forms with a click. Now that Read&Write and EquatIO are available in Spanish & English language versions, demand for both products is even greater.
“Partnering with Ieducando has played a huge role in building our international presence and sales” says Oscar Secorún, Texthelp’s Regional Education Manager for Spain & Latin America. “Their enthusiasm, responsiveness and in-depth knowledge of the Iberian market is second to none. And it’s great to work with a specialist that’s right on top of latest trends in teaching and technology.”

Partnering with Texthelp offers several appealing benefits to resellers, notes Ieducando founder and CEO Pedro Díez: “Working together gives us some real advantages in the EdTech marketplace. Texthelp’s cutting-edge products offer a powerful way to differentiate ourselves from other distributors. And with Texthelp’s move to a flexible software-as-a-service (Saas) delivery model, this has unlocked a valuable stream of recurring revenues for us while simplifying product support.”

Inspiring learners everywhere

“It was a lightbulb moment when Texthelp showed me Read&Write for the first time” recalls Pedro. “I immediately saw that the product’s appeal stretched far beyond students with dyslexia and special educational needs.”  In particular, Pedro recognised Read&Write’s appeal to pupils learning English as a second or third language at all ages and grade levels.
“Texthelp is a genuinely inspiring company to work with” enthuses Pedro: “They are always extremely professional, with a great team of people. What’s more, you can see that they are sincerely proud of what they’re doing.”