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About Fife College

Fife College delivers over 1,000 education and training courses for over 26,000 students studying at a range of levels. The College aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities to promote employability, develop personal and employment skills and encourage achievement and progression.

The Challenge

Fife College purchased Read&Write software to support students who were struggling with literacy, which in turn affected their written work and comprehension. Angus Blair, Inclusion Assistant, explains, “Students were facing challenges with general literacy and this was clearly reflected in their ability to study and in the quality of work they were able to produce in
essays and assessments. Students with reading difficulties were
obviously struggling to properly understand and assimilate course material."

Fife College promotes independent learning using Read&Write

Fife College promotes independent learning using Read&Write

Read&Write has been implemented and promoted throughout Fife College with Certified Trainers providing training to staff during CPD and ‘in class’ training for targeted groups of students. All staff and students alike thought that there were features that they would use. Lecturers now provide accessible materials for all students, for example, producing word/pdf documents along with MP3s which in itself makes learning more accessible for all.

Boosting student performance

Read&Write takes the form of an unobtrusive toolbar that sits along the top of the screen and integrates seamlessly with other documents. Lynn Davis, Learning Inclusion Facilitator, explains, “the screen reader allows the student to have the text read back from a word document, the web, pictures or locked PDFs, making reading accessible to all.” Angus Blair also notes, “The read aloud feature is popular with students and has allowed them to work with greater independence. The increased level of independent working is possibly the most noticeable difference.” Jacqueline Carroll, Inclusion Assistant states that “Read&Write is easy to deliver to students.”

I would definitely recommend Read&Write as an accessible efficiency tool that I use across campus with all students, with abilities ranging from level 2 to HNC and beyond.

I have found it useful to work one-to-one with students as this means that you go a little further in depth with them and show them more features and tailor it to their individual needs.”

Favourite Features

“The vocabulary list (a favourite of both mine and my students) allows students to highlight words and create their vocab list. This provides the student with the key word, a dictionary definition and a picture which helps to consolidate their learning” states Lynn Davis. She continues, “another feature within Read&Write which is popular with students is changing text to an MP3 file, making learning easier and portable.”

Reasons for other Colleges to try Read&Write

Read&Write has a complete range of features to support all students with their reading, writing and studying. Jacqueline Carroll states, “I think it has good functionality and can be tailored to individual students’ needs. Read&Write has been a good solution for students facing challenges with spelling, reading and listening.”