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The introduction of Universal Credit across the UK has increasingly urged social landlords to promote the use of digital inclusion software to support vulnerable residents who are digitally excluded.


Mike from Melin Homes noted this change to be of “extreme importance” to social landlords as it will affect millions of residents and describes Browsealoud as beneficial for those wanting to improve digital inclusion.

When asked if Melin Homes recommend Browsealoud to other organisations, Mike replied, 

“Definitely!”, demonstrating the high value of the technology to the housing organisation. “Browsealoud has changed the way we communicate to our audience with impairments, we can now interact with them, the amount of international languages available are also beneficial.”

Melin Homes addresses the need to improve website accessibility

Success with Browsealoud...


Established in 2007, Melin Homes is a leading Registered Social Landlord (RSL) in South East Wales. As an RSL, they work closely with local authorities and other partners to build thriving communities.

The Challenge

Mike Watkins, Marketing and Communications Manager at Melin Homes shares his story about why their housing association adopted Browsealoud,

“After carrying out a needs analysis, a number of residents highlighted on a survey that they could not get access to the information they needed on our website and so it became apparent it was something we needed to improve on. This encouraged us to begin looking for appropriate options to cater for this need.”

The Solution

Following a recommendation by local peers who already used Browsealoud and after a little research into the software, Melin Homes arranged a visit from Texthelp to provide a demo of the product and outline the key benefits of investing in digital inclusion software for their website.

Melin couldn’t believe how simple and straight-forward Browsealoud is - there’s literally no learning curve, which is exactly what you need from a website support tool. “The service we received was excellent, it was a quick and easy process to get the software integrated onto our site, and any questions we had were answered and resolved quickly.”

Now, thanks to Browsealoud, is equipped with user-friendly speech, reading and translation tools helping to reduce any pre-exisiting barriers between web content and its audiences. 

“Browsealoud gives website visitors access to the information they require in a variety of different formats, essentially one size fits all. Anyone can use Browsealoud depending on what impairment they may have - as it is simple and easy to use.”

Web content can be translated into over 99 languages, and 40 of them can be read aloud in the most natural sounding voice to compliment this feature, allowing Melin Homes to reach a wider, and more diverse audience.

Anyone from any part of the world can use it [Browsealoud] and gain a basic understanding of the information we are trying to get across to people.”

Online visitors also have the opportunity to convert text into audio files using the MP3 tool, allowing for more convenient reading.

Browsealoud has granted visitors a sense of independence. Melin Homes are no longer reliant on others passing along information as everyone can access the information themselves.

If you would like to learn more about Texthelp and its market-leading digital inclusion and accessibility technologies, please contact us.