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About Knovation

Knovation makes it easy to find, organise, and share free digital content for learning. Knovation’s curriculum experts professionally evaluate, standards-align and continuously maintain a collection of hundreds of thousands of online resources covering all subject areas, all grades and all learning modalities. The Knovation Content Collection can be accessed through the company’s award-winning solutions, netTrekker and icurio, or through custom integration with several instructional systems and assessment platforms. Since 1999, Knovation has delivered on the promise to do something good for kids, every day by helping districts meet the needs of diverse K-12 learners in digital learning environments. For more information, please visit

““It’s been a genuine pleasure working side-by-side with the Texthelp team to bring valuable functionality to our netTrekker and icurio products. We’ve received tremendous feedback from school districts, who tell us that SpeechStream makes students’ learning journey more rewarding - and a lot more fun.””

Mark Hannah, Chief Product Officer, Knovation

Open to Learning

Helping Knovation broaden appeal of its online Content Collection

Driven by the mission to “Go do something good for kids, every day”, Cincinnati-based education technology specialist Knovation supports students and teachers in thousands of school districts across the US.
The company was co-founded in 1999 by CEO Randy Wilhelm, who led the company to become the gold standard in the K12 education industry for curation, alignment and maintenance of OER (Open Educational Resources).  

The Challenge

Central to Knovation’s mission is the belief that student engagement is enhanced by easy access to well organised, safe and attractively presented online resources that are maintained. It’s this insight that has underpinned the development of Knovation’s award-winning netTrekker and icurio applications – the best-loved and most widely used search tools in US schools.
These easy-to-use apps allow students to browse and enjoy a wealth of reliable, contextualised online material from the Knovation Content Collection. The collection features hundreds of thousands of professionally curated, standards-aligned online resources covering all subject areas, grade levels and learning resource types.
Evaluated, selected and managed by teachers, Knovation’s expansive library of digital resources benefits learners of all ages with highly diverse needs. To extend these benefits to even more students, the company looked to boost accessibility to its content for students struggling with challenges like dyslexia as well as English Language Learners.
To accomplish this goal, Knovation’s Chief Product Officer Mark Hannah and Chief Technology Officer Vikash Jaiswal sought an assistive technology partner to bring their curated digital content to life for all learners, regardless of their reading ability. What’s more, since Knovation licenses its curated digital content to be delivered inside other businesses’ applications, they needed a technology solution that would not only live in their own products, but that would appear to attach to the resources directly. 

The Solution

Working in close partnership with Knovation, Texthelp embedded its literacy support tools within the netTrekker and icurio learning apps.
Our SpeechStream toolbar makes web pages and other online resources easier to access for young people with literacy and language difficulties. Thanks to Texthelp’s powerful text-to-speech technology, students can listen to content read aloud on their computer or tablet, in a choice of high-quality digitized voices. Synchronous color highlighting provides extra visual support for students, clearly showing on-screen text that’s being read aloud.
Learning is further enriched with Texthelp’s acclaimed Study Skills tools, including a talking dictionary and picture dictionary to help explain unfamiliar words. English Language Learners can also see – and hear – text translated into other languages with audio playback.
These scaffolding tools build more satisfaction and engagement into the learning process; they also improve independent exploration of topics that are both of interest to kids and aligned with school curriculum.  
This enhanced learning approach also opens up student access to complex and challenging materials – enabling independent learning while typically improving vocabulary and reading comprehension by 2 full grade levels for struggling readers.
Enhanced by our learning supports, the digital resources in Knovation’s Content Collection now allow even more students to be included in the learning life of the classroom, participating with confidence in lessons, projects and homework assignments.
Texthelp’s award-winning literacy tools also appeal strongly to B2B clients who have licensed Knovation’s curation process for their own learning products. Knovation reports that offering access to the same technology and features figures strongly in discussions with prospective business partners.