The Panel and their vision...

The Future of Literacy Panel is a diverse group of global experts from technology, academia, philanthropy and publishing who have come together to create an ambitious vision of literacy for the future. 

They set out to encapsulate their collective thinking and varying perspectives on what literacy can be defined as as well as outlining a new and alternative approach to global literacy: The Village.
The Future of Literacy Panel Members
Future of Literacy - Child Reading

An insight into literacy 

The Panel were not solely concerned with the teaching of literacy, nor the literacy levels of one particular demographic, but tried to take a more holistic approach, looking at all contributing factors relating to poor literacy globally and were inspired by the simple idea that it takes a village to raise a child.

The broad themes highlighted by the panel can be adapted to community settings in various environments and, we hope, have the potential to create a lifelong learning culture for literacy development both in and outside the home.

Future of literacy guide
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To learn more about the Future of Literacy Panel and the discussion, download the ‘Founding Principals’ Guide

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