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Our Texthelpers come together as a global team and are passionate about the meaningful work that they do.  We’ve created a unique culture, living and working by a set of values that guide both the way we behave, the decisions we make and how we create our innovative technology. There’s something special about realizing the impact you can have on the world.

Join us….And unlock both your potential and that of others... Are you ready to take the next step?

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What our people think...

What we do and why we do it

At Texthelp it’s our mission to unlock everybody’s full abilities and realize their unique potential. To do this we create smart, easy to use technology that help everyone read, write, express their thoughts and share information more accurately & fluently – whether they’re studying, working or in their daily lives

We see a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers.

At Texthelp we see a world where accessibility doesn’t have to get in the way of everybody leading more satisfying, productive lives… and a world where nobody’s held back by age, language, difference or disability.

What our Texthelpers say...

Erin MacDonald
Sales Operations Specialist, North America

My job has changed over the years based on where my interests have taken me and my manager has always helped to find me opportunities in areas that I saw potential. The personal development budget the company offers is a big selling point for me. I've taken photography classes, a sewing course, and I'm always encouraged to try new things that do not fall in the scope of my job but help to support my interests outside of the office.

Headshot of Erin MacDonald, Texthelp employee and Sales Operations Specialist
Scott Rowe
National Sales Manager, Australia

I love the variety of work at Texthelp, in terms of contact with customers and seeing the reality of actually providing products that change peoples lives. Lots of companies talk the talk - only a few walk the walk and this is one of them. Essentially if you care about your customers and believe in our mission to unlock everyone’s potential - you’ll succeed here.

Headshot of Scott Rowe, Texthelp employee and National Sales Manager in AsiaPac
Edyta Twardowska
Receptionist/ HR Administrator, UK

I absolutely love my job, meeting and welcoming new people/ visitors everyday. Each day is different, no two ever the same. The perks of the job are fab too, unlike any company I’ve ever worked for before.

Headshot of Edyta Twardowska, Texthelp employee and Receptionist/ HR Administrator
Jason Carroll
Director of Product Management, North America

Every day is different. One day I may be working on a new UI design for a product with one team and the next I'm working with a customer to help them overcome a barrier. Texthelp has a great culture with great people and its impressive that we create things that really make a difference in people's life and that despite our size, we are truly a global company working across a huge geographical region.

Headshot of Jason Caroll, Texthelp employee and Director of Product Management
Patrick McGrath
Education Technology Specialist, UK

Every day has a new challenge to rise to, and each one creates an opportunity to learn something new. I'm currently learning Arabic which is helping me build great relationships when working across with our customers across the Middle East. It's a unique workplace - supportive, empowering and flexible. The staff here are fantastic - they make it fun to work here, they pull together to achieve some great things.

Headshot of Patrick McGrath, Texthelp employee and EdTech Specialist

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Here's what you can expect


1.  Application

Texthelper filling in an application

2.  Telephone interview


3.  Shortlisting

Texthelper with shortlist list

4.  Stage 1 interview

Person being interviewed

5.  Task

Texthelper doing a task

6.  Stage 2 interview

Person being interviewed

7.  Selection

Texthelper with magnifying glass

8.  Job offer

Job offer letter

9.  Welcome

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