Supporting remote learning


Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing. - Donna J. Abernathy

For Edufuturists’ Dan Fitzpatrick, butterflies were bouncing around his stomach as he opened his eyes this morning, a million thoughts of remote learning quickly rushed back into his head and the flood of emails from anxious colleagues made his phone light up the dark room. It’s Monday and it’s the first day of school closures in the UK.

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TCEA Recap: Change the Process to Support the Purpose


Last week, a group of Texthelpers attended TCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association conference. Compared to previous years, there was a noticeable increase in discussions around feedback/assessments and the need for change. But before changing, we first need to recognize what to change.

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Personalize Writing Assessments with WriQ’s Custom Rubrics


Most of my days are pretty cool - I get to talk about WriQ and show teachers how we can make their jobs a little easier. Some days are a little bit cooler than others though, and today is one of those days because I get to tell you that WriQ now allows you to add, create, and edit your own rubrics! We understand how important this feature is, and we’re super excited to let you know that it’s here!

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Education 4.0 - Driving the change the industry needs


A new phrase has made its way into the world of education. It’s been present at conferences, in the media and has been featured on many occasions as the topical title for discussion panels and podcasts. It’s the new ‘thing’ everyone is talking about. It’s ‘Education 4.0’.

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