Podcast: Improving math for upper primary and lower secondary


In this episode of Texthelp Talks, Fiona Thomas, Louis Shanafelt and Patrick McGrath got together to chat about their favorite topic - math! In particular they explored the recent guidance report that's been released by the UK's Education Endowment Foundation, looking at how we can improve math in upper primary and lower secondary, through the lens of digital tools.

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Even more ways & places for digital math for Windows and O365 users


We recently made some changes under the hood in the EquatIO Menu, so now there's even more ways and places users on Windows and O365 can use EquatIO to make math digital, including a new unified login, full toolbar support for Word Online and an integration with Microsoft Powerpoint. Read on to find out more...

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Introducing Rapid Reviewer - a quick way to score mathspaces


About six months ago, I was doing a demo for some potential customers, and I had just wrapped up my presentation showing how the workflow between teacher and student works inside EquatIO mathspace. On opening the floor to questions I was asked, “do you have to open each individual mathspace to score and provide feedback? I can’t imagine having to grade 120 assignments.”  My last teaching role was teaching Algebra to middle school aged students and I saw anywhere from 115-130 students every day, so shortly after the call I remember thinking, we can defintely do better to speed this process up!

I shared the feedback with our team of developers, pointing out that the workflow was very labor intensive. So we set to work on improving the process. So now, I am excited to introduce you to our new Rapid Reviewer...

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Blended Learning Jungle Recap: creating meaningful learning experiences


On August 18 - 20, we hosted a virtual conference called ‘Design and Delivery in the Blending Learning Jungle. Over the course of three days and more than 16 hours of sessions on Writing, STEM and Reading, there was a lot of information for our attendees to take in. With a focus on helping teachers prepare for remote or hybrid learning, many speakers talked about the right technology to engage students. But, through these discussions, another important message emerged: no matter what technology you do (or don’t) use, teachers must ensure that learning remains meaningful.

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EquatIO is multiplying: our latest mathspace & STEM tools


The feedback our wonderful users leave is priceless and helps drive our developer and product roadmap. With that in mind we are excited to share with you some new additions to our digital math tool, EquatIO. 

First up, we’ve got a new molecular viewer which will help students of all ages get to grips with the structure of molecules. There’s also new ways to create and build mathspaces that allow you to enjoy a multipage experience within the same space, as well as new STEM tools that will benefit users of all ages. Read Louis’ blog to discover what’s new as well as getting a sneak peek into the future of our new STEM input button. 

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