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Driving attainment through personalised learning

We recently hosted an event in Scotland which explored how personalised learning and education technology can drive attainment and create independent, confident learners. Read on to discover the 5 most important things we learned.

Bringing together educators and guest speakers from Google, Microsoft and Fife College, we spent the day sharing best practice and learning how students can reach their full potential through personalised learning. Read our key takeaways from the day below. 

Get Personal

Creating a personal learning environment puts students at the centre of their own learning. By building on individual aspirations, passions, interests and purpose we can now leverage technology to let every student choose and use the tools that support their individual needs and learning styles. By putting them in charge we ask them to initiate and manage their learning using the tools and methods that work for them - both inside and outside the classroom. The result? Reflective learners who are engaged and have the tools, tasks and flexibility to reach their full potential.

Getting started is ‘BASIC’ - Build Independance, Allow freedom, Start Small, Identify the tech and Create Opportunity.

Think about that 1%

Sometimes, technology can appear as an ‘all or nothing’ learning approach.. But it's the little things that count. Those small ‘marginal gains’ that we can identify for ourselves as educators or for our pupils. Those small ‘1%’ changes that we can make in our everyday teaching and learning, when added up, can make a big change. By breaking success down into small, manageable chunks we make things even more achievable - one step at a time. [We’ve given you a head start below with a link to our Top 20 marginal gains - easy ways to get started today!]

Reach Every Learner

At Texthelp, we believe that technology is beneficial for everyone - so whilst many of you have used Read&Write to support pupils with specific needs - have a think about how you can use technology for everyone. Listening to text read aloud is useful for everyone to check their work, as is the highlighter tool for study skills which supports all students. Definition tables work for revision across the school and MP3 versions of resources can help everyone understand better. Technology is a leveller for all and the more we understand how to apply it for every student, the more impact we’ll see.

Build community

Time is a challenge for all educators - and when it comes to technology that time can be the difference between using it, or not! Whilst we can’t give you the gift of time, we can support you and your colleagues on their technology journey via our training portal to help you upskill. We can also deliver on-site training and supply resources for your own staff development days. What’s more, we believe that community is key to supporting technology, so over the coming months you’ll be hearing about our pupil, school, and teacher ambassador programmes that will help build a community of teachers and learners that will, we hope, share great practice.   

Break down walls 

As we explore personalised learning and consider those 1% marginal gains, it’s important to recognise ‘when’ students learn - and in today’s technology rich environment, learning is no longer confined to school or college. It stretches beyond those walls into the home, which is why we offer our ‘take home facility’ - so students can use the same tools both in and out of school - because learning now is whenever, wherever!

Get involved!

Check out this Padlet link - you’ll find all the marginal gains suggestions from our workshop on the board and we’ve added a few of our own, plus a few links to get you started with Texthelp products. Feel free to comment on the post in Padlet to add your own for others to see!


Shristi Patni 7/23/2019 6:07:09 AM
Hey Patrick!!
The suggestion of learning form 1% will really helping me in developing my skills not only as teacher but as a student too...
Thank you!!




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