August 2015

3 Keys to Starting the New School Year Off Right


This weeks’ post comes from Jason Gibson, Learning and Behavior Consultant in Nashville, TN. You can find him on Twitter @jasonLgibson Thanks Jason!

Classrooms are coming to back to life again after break and are filled with students brimming full of potential. The potential for incredible success and also the potential for unfortunate failure. Thankfully educators are the captain of their own classroom and this post is meant to provide some encouragement during these critical first weeks. Below you will find three critical keys to starting the year off right.

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Top 3 Ways to Get Involved with SXSWedu 2016

This post is also cross-posted the Shake Up Learning blog by Kasey Bell.

South by Southwest® (SXSW) is the largest festival of its kind for creative professionals around the world. For those not familiar, the event is actually a series of conferences and festivals that encompass music, film and emerging technologies. While SXSW includes a number of events, the SXSWedu Conference and Festival looks specifically at learning and innovation in education.

This year SXSWedu takes place March 7th – 10th, and includes “engaging sessions, interactive workshops, hands on learning experiences, film screenings, early stage startups and a host of networking opportunities". If you haven’t checked out the event before you should definitely visit their site to learn more.

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How to Read PDFs on an iPad

I recently came across a great workaround for reading PDFs on an iPhone or iPad, which is something I’ve frequently heard people ask about. Our blog post a few months back explained how to take a photo with an iPhone or iPad and use Snapverter to convert it to an accessible PDF. But then how do you read that PDF if you’re still working on that device, and haven’t switched over to a computer or Chromebook? Read on for a few possible answers to this question.

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Accessibility and the new Windows 10

The long-awaited Windows 10 operating system is here, and has brought with it exciting new features and the return of some familiar, favorite features. The new Edge browser, the voice-activated assistant Cortana, and the comeback of the much-loved Start menu are just a few of the highlights.
Windows 10 also includes a host of Accessibility features that allow users with visual impairments, physical limitations and other disabilities to customize their Windows experience to fit their needs. Read on to learn about the top accessibility features in Windows 10.

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