August 2019

Starting the school year off on the ‘write’ foot


For many of you, “Back to School” season is beginning to heat up like well, an August afternoon. For others, you’re already well underway and back in the swing of things! Regardless of where you are in your school calendar, the WriQ team has a couple of announcements to help you get started on the “write” foot!

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Get to Know Your Students with our WriQ Challenge


For a teacher, some of the most exciting and important “lessons” to plan during the first few days of school are those that help you get to know your new students. While getting-to-know-you exercises are fun for teachers and students alike, they are also critical in building a strong foundation for the rest of the year.

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The potential of personalized learning for student engagement and achievement


Chris is a good mate of mine. We started at St Kevin’s Primary School, Eastwood on the same day in 1991. We used to walk home together each day because he lived (and still lives) about 150m ‘as the crow flies’ from my childhood home in Terry Rd, Eastwood. We still see each other fairly regularly and it was a conversation about experiences at school that we had recently that really got me thinking. 

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