February 2020

Introducing the new Read&Write ePub Reader


If you’ve been using Read&Write for Google Chrome, you might already know how to open an ePub book in your Google Drive with Read&Write. I'm pleased to let you know that from today, you’ll start seeing a new and improved ePub experience including the same Read&Write toolbar you’re accustomed to seeing in Docs, Slides and PDFs. Just right-click on an ePub in your Drive, and choose “Open with Read&Write for Google Chrome” to check it out.

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TCEA Recap: Change the Process to Support the Purpose


Last week, a group of Texthelpers attended TCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association conference. Compared to previous years, there was a noticeable increase in discussions around feedback/assessments and the need for change. But before changing, we first need to recognize what to change.

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