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English is an ever-evolving language. New words get added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) every year. This can be challenging for English Language Learners, but also for people who make Spelling and Grammar checkers. I can remember adding Blog and Vlog to our spellchecker many years ago, and we continue to update it regularly.

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Our friends at OED have an interesting blog where you can keep up to speed with the language as it grows. 

While the OED has chosen to add awesomesauce and shticky, at Texthelp we've been treading a more conventional path. For a few years now, we have been collecting anonymized spelling analytics to help us create a new, supercharged auto-correction tool based on the collective habits of 10 million daily users. When we release this Autocorrect tool, we want it to be game changing. 

Not only do we see new words appearing, and new “text speak” like FOMO and ROFL, but we get the collective opinion of thousands of teachers. If our spell checker or grammar checker thinks that a word is incorrect, but a hundred teachers disagree with us as they assess a student's writing using WriQ, we listen. We have a small team who review this crowd-sourced spelling knowledge, and we update our cloud based spelling and grammar engine every month. The most popular new words this quarter?  Covid, Coronavirus and Tiktok. And, the most popular video games that our users write about and sometimes mis-spell? Fortnite, Minecraft & Roblox.

We are so fortunate to have an active community of teachers who help us improve our products on a daily basis. Thank you teachers! We could not do this without your help. 

Watch this space for some super intelligent spelling technology...  


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