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EquatIO is Heading into Summer with New Features

At Texthelp, we are constantly working to improve our products so that they meet the evolving needs of our customers. EquatIO is our latest product to get this upgrade. Previously available in Google Docs and Forms, EquatIO now works in Google Slides, Sheets, and Drawings!

With EquatIO now available in Google Slides, Sheets and Drawings, the opportunities for making math and STEM subjects digital (and enjoyable) are truly endless! Students have more freedom to express, organize, and share their thinking, while teachers can create engaging lessons that turn abstract concepts into real-life scenarios.
So, why not use your Summer break to start familiarizing yourself with EquatIO and it’s latest features? That way, you can start the new school year off right - with lesson plans that excite and engage your students!

Google Slides

Support for Google Slides is now available! This has been one of our most requested features and means that you can now use tools like Math and Chemistry Prediction, Speech Input and Handwriting Recognition directly within Google Slides. This is perfect for having students collaborate on problems or show their work step-by-step. To use, simply open a presentation and click the EquatIO icon while in slides (just like you would in a Google Doc).
Check out the video below to see EquatIO in Google Slides!

Google Sheets

EquatIO is now also available in Google Sheets. This means you can finally use Sheets to collect and evaluate complex data sets. This will be particularly valuable to show students the real-world applications of the math or science concepts you’re teaching. To use, simply open a sheet and click the EquatIO icon (just like you would in a Google Doc).
Check out the video below to see EquatIO in Google Sheets!

Google Drawings

Last but not least, EquatIO now works in Google Drawings. Finally, your students can use math manipulatives along with EquatIO to easily solve and show their work - all completely digitally. This is great for visual learners or applying abstract concepts to real-life situations. To use, simply open a drawing and click the EquatIO icon (just like you would in a Google Doc).
Check out the video below to see EquatIO in Google Drawings!

And there’s more to come!

Over the summer, we will be working hard to introduce even more features into EquatIO, including a larger workspace for collaboration, graphing capabilities, geometry support, and so much more. Stay tuned over the next few months as new updates begin rolling out!
Have feedback? Fill out our EquatIO feedback form at any time. Almost all of our new features and updates come directly from users like you, so don’t be shy!
Keep the conversation going by joining our Digital Math Community and share hints and tips with other like-minded educators.
Have a great summer!


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