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Texthelp Joins Learnosity’s Global Partner Network

We here at Texthelp are excited to share that we have joined Learnosity’s Partner Network with our SpeechStream solution for publishers. Learnosity specializes in assessment solutions and is aligned with Texthelp in the mission of delivering industry leading technology solutions to improve students outcomes.

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The Partner Network brings together top innovators in educational technology and Texthelp is honored to be among the original partners, along with Desmos and GeoGebra. The network enables companies to collaborate in developing, scaling, and delivering exceptional products, to ensure that publishers are delivering the best in the market.

Launched at the Learnosity Educate Developers’ Conference in New York on May 4, Learnosity co-founder and CEO Gavin Cooney described the Partner Network, “It gives companies the freedom to work on perfecting their product’s key features. For instance, our focus is 100% on assessment technology. Geogebra and Desmos provide graphing calculators, and Texthelp provides speech assistive software. We recognize that some of our clients want this functionality but these aren’t things we’re going to build. Why would we? These guys are already building world-class solutions in those areas. With the Partner Network we can continue to focus on our USPs while also seamlessly connecting end users with best-in-breed solutions.”

“The end goal,” continues Cooney, “is to help developers build better, more integrated products, which is essential for creating a more positive student experience.”

“We’re selective about who we work with,” says Ben Powell, SVP of Business Development and Partnerships at Learnosity. “Companies that are Learnosity partners have already been vetted. If you’re part of the Network then other partners can rest assured that your technology will work extremely well with their own offerings and represent the very best-in-class.”

As an example of this partnership, see SpeechStream currently working in action within Learnosity item types.

If you’re new to SpeechStream, it’s a cloud solution designed and developed by Texthelp for publishers to support all their students towards successful outcomes. SpeechStream allows publishers to embed within their online content and platforms important reading support tools, such as text-to-speech read aloud with visual highlighting, vocabulary support tools, annotation pens, screen masking, and several options for reading aloud math equations. These support tools help students with specific learning disabilities, English language learners, struggling readers, auditory learners, and others.

At Texthelp, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to work with fellow Learnosity Network Partners and the pioneering impacts we can make together in edtech!

To learn more about Learnosity Partner Network, please visit: or email

To learn more about Texthelp’s SpeechStream solution for publishers, please visit:

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