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Introducing Teach for Google

Over the last year I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into what type of training is available to help educators get the most out of Google Apps for Education. On one end of the spectrum, I found plenty of “how-to” videos and articles that explain how to share a file, create a form, etc… but these didn’t really help with implementing Google Apps in an instructionally relevant way.

Then on the other hand, I found things like lesson plans that show how to integrate Google Apps into a specific lesson. While helpful, these were only useful one or two days out of the year, and were specific to one grade level and content area. Finding enough resources to last an entire year would be an exercise in futility for most.

What was missing were resources showing educators how to integrate effective teaching strategies (the kind that actually lead to an increase in student achievement) into almost any grade level or content area using Google Apps. What was missing was Teach for Google.

Teach for Google is a professional development solution that helps Educators increase student achievement using proven tools and strategies within the Google Apps for Education environment.

Created from research by top US education experts, Teach for Google offers a fast-growing library of short, easy-to-implement courses with “How-To” videos, strategy overviews, templates, checklists and more that provide all the tools necessary to successfully implement effective strategies in the classroom.

Teach for Google’s flexible nature allows for use when and where it’s needed most. Educators can complete an entire course and earn a certificate to prove it, or drop in and grab only the resources needed for a specific lesson. Badges that can be saved and shared socially are also available.

Two complete courses and a related videos section come free with Teach for Google. An additional 23 courses are currently available for only $20/user per year ($15 if an entire district/domain purchases). Because Teach for Google is a subscription, courses will always remain up to date and additional courses are added throughout the year.

Give Teach for Google a try today and complete your first two courses and receive your first badge absolutely free at www.teachforgoogle.com.


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