Kathleen Colburn, Product Manager

Make documents accessible while on-the-go with the Snapverter app for iOS

The power of Snapverter to make paper documents digital and accessible just became that much easier to access, right from the palm of your hand! Today we’re launching a new Snapverter mobile app for iOS, a perfect complement for current Snapverter users.

Snapverter for iOS brings the OCR capabilities of Snapverter to iPhones and iPads, allowing you to create accessible PDFs, hear them read aloud on demand, and export them to access on your other devices.

How does it work?

Snapverter lets you snap a photo of a paper document, whether it be a textbook page, worksheet, receipt, or any other text in front of you. You can also choose from an existing image or file saved on your device.

Once you’ve taken or selected a photo, Snapverter makes it accessible in an instant and includes built-in text to speech so you can hear it read aloud. Just tap your text to listen to it read with accurate dual-color highlighting. You can even adjust the voice, reading speed and other speech settings to your liking.

You can also easily save and manage your scans right in the Snapverter app, and export them to Google Drive, email, and more for access on your other devices. That means with a click you can open up your new accessible PDF in the Texthelp PDF Reader on your computer or Chromebook, to annotate, collaborate and more.

Give it a try today!

Install Snapverter from the App Store now to start making your documents accessible. If your organization has a premium license of Snapverter, you can enjoy all the benefits of the new Snapverter app for iOS. Just sign into the app with your Google account that you use Snapverter with, and you’re all set to go. If your organization doesn’t use Snapverter, you can still use the app to snap photos and have them scanned and read aloud on demand.


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