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A new WriQ hello… (with a very special feature announcement)

Hi all! I’m Texthelp’s new WriQ Product Manager, Mark Schwartz. I’m also excited to bring you the news that we’re releasing brand new features! 

After spending the last 16 years teaching a variety of subjects and levels from 6th Grade ELL through AP US History, I’ve now joined the team at Texthelp! I’m delighted to be a part of this very special writing assessment revolution. 

I’m also excited to bring you the news that we’re releasing brand new features! 

All users, free or premium, will now be able to see a dashboard with data for each student and documents that have been scored through WriQ. In the dashboard, all teachers will see the WriQ score for each document, while premium users will see additional data, including Text Maturity, Time on Task, Accuracy, and Rubric Score. 

All users will be able to chart WriQ scores over time, while premium users will also be able to track Vocabulary Age. Premium features for WriQ are licensed on a per student basis. At this time, only domain-wide (entire district) licenses are available.

If you’re not yet a premium (licensed) user, this is what you’ll see. The dashboard shows students who are not yet premium (licensed) users. Teachers can review the WriQ Score and Grade Level.

This dashboard has all premium students:

Clicking on a licensed student’s name will bring you to this screen, which in this case has norms turned on for Vocabulary Age. Norms can also be shown for WriQ Score, and the date range can be chosen from 30 days, 60 days, or “start of the school year.”

Clicking on an unlicensed student’s name will bring you to this screen, which has less data and norms are unavailable. However, WriQ score can be tracked over the chosen time period.

It’s springtime, and while most teachers are clearing out their classrooms and dreaming of some much needed R&R, I think there is a great opportunity to try out WriQ. If your school has summer reading or writing assignments, have your students submit them via Google Docs, and then grade them with WriQ. 

You will walk into your classroom on the first day of school, with more knowledge about your new students’ writing ability than ever before and what areas you need to focus on to begin the year! 

For those with premium access, you will also be able to see how your students measure up to their peers across the country. Please visit our dedicated page for more information, to get the extension, or to request a quote!


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