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Let’s Activate Change at ISTE 2019

The theme for this year’s ISTE Conference is ‘Bold Educators Activate Change’. In preparation for ISTE 2019, and throughout the conference, we want to discuss what activating change means to you - particularly in the context of EdTech.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a tech coach, a district leader, or anyone in between, we want to hear your answer to this question: how do you currently use or plan to use EdTech to activate change?

Activate Change Through EdTech

Before we start the discussion, we need to define ‘change’. Change exists on a spectrum. It can be a small tweak that makes a valuable adjustment, or it can be a radical shift that leads to a total transformation.

Both of these forms of change - and everything in the middle - are significant when it comes to education. What may seem like a minor change can make a huge, long-term impact for one student.

Let’s consider the SAMR Model, a framework to help educators assess how they are using EdTech in the classroom. SAMR stands for:

  • Substitution: Technology acts as a direct substitute
  • Augmentation: Technology acts as a direct substitute, with functional improvement
  • Modification: Technology allows for significant task redesign
  • Redefinition: Technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable
Just like change, the SAMR model is a spectrum. At its simplest level, you have Substitution. However, just because it’s simple does not mean it isn’t impactful. “On the surface, substitution tools do not appear to significantly shift the nature of learning. But digitally documenting a student’s inquiries through substitution tools makes learning visible and provides formative feedback.” (Edsurge)

So, as you begin thinking about how you currently use or plan to use EdTech to activate change, remember both your big and small changes. They all make you bold educators.

To participate in the conversation, simply Tweet your response(s) using the hashtags #TexthelpISTE and #ISTE19. At the end of each full conference day, we will randomly choose a participant to win a FREE Chromebook and a one-year subscription of Fluency Tutor® for GoogleTM. So be bold and good luck!

How do you activate change through edtech?


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