November 2014

Give Customized Feedback Using Google Forms

Last week I spent some time with a colleague showing teachers how to provide customize feedback to students using Google Forms. Typically Google Forms are used to create simple surveys or quizzes. The form results are then dumped into a spreadsheet that can be reviewed anytime. However, with just a few additional tweaks you can really take advantage of what Google Forms can do in the classroom.

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3 Tips for Using Google Drive More Effectively

If you are a teacher or student using Google Apps for Education, you are likely spending a significant amount of time in Google Drive. The new Google Drive was launched over the Summer of 2014 and has slowly been rolled out to users (including Google Apps for Education users) over the last few months.

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5 Tools to Help Create a Distraction Free Environment

The ability for students (and teachers) to be productive in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between is no easy task. At any given time phones ring, emails chime, people interrupt you, or other disruptions occur. Unfortunately, aside from locking yourself in a soundproof technology free room, there isn’t a simple solution that will work for everyone. However, there are some tools that can help. I’ve listed five of my favorites below.

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