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A Handy Chrome Tip from our Support Team

One of the great features schools enjoy when they use Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is that students and teachers alike can sign into their GAFE accounts anywhere and on any device. If a student loses or breaks a Chromebook, they can log into another Chromebook or even the Chrome browser on a desktop computer without missing a beat.

A lot of users may just open up the Chrome browser, navigate to Gmail or Google Drive and log into their accounts there. I would compare that to signing into a Chromebook as a guest. But did you know that’s not the only way to do it? Read on to learn more…

To take advantage of what GAFE has to offer, properly logging into the Chrome browser is a must. If you log into the Chrome browser, that will automatically log you into your Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google+ profile and more. If you're using apps and extensions, like Read&Write for Google Chrome, this is especially important for you because signing into Chrome will let you avoid adding extensions and apps every time you or your students use a new device. Once you’re logged in, they’re all there!

With that said, let’s review properly logging into the Chrome browser. At the top of the browser, where the web page tabs sit, you will see a name all the way over to the right. If you are not logged into the browser, you might see “Person 1” or just an icon of a person. If you are logged in, you will see your name.

Screen capture of Chrome login

If you are not signed in, then click on Chrome User Icon  or “Person 1”. A window will pop up and you can sign in there.
When you do sign in, you always want to make sure you link your data. That way all of your apps, extensions, bookmarks, and history will appear when you first sign in.

If you’re on a public computer, remember to log out of Chrome when you’re done. You can log out of your account from your Chrome settings.

You can also use these steps to switch between multiple Google accounts, like if you use a work or school account as well as a personal account. Just look for your name at the top right corner of the browser, click on it, and this time choose “Switch person”. Then you’ll see a list of the other accounts you have set up, and can easily switch between them. No need to worry about keeping track of which account you are logged into and where - now you’ll have completely separate Chrome windows for each account.

So next time you open your Chrome browser and find yourself logging into a few different places or wondering which account you are logged into, we hope that you think of this blog.

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