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10 Million Users and Counting

We’re super excited (and humbled) to let everyone know that Read&Write crossed the 10 million user mark in September!


A little background

Read&Write was only introduced a couple of years ago in the G Suite space as a free reading extension for Google Docs. At the time no one could have predicted the unbelievably fast growth of G Suite for Education around the world. With millions of users migrating over to Google’s suite of educational tools, many were left searching for supports to help with reading and writing. Read&Write helped to fill this need and more by adding additional features beneficial to all learners. 

Not only does Read&Write help those working in the G Suite for Education Apps but it provides support for 

Read&Write is used by 10 million students worldwide

anyone working on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating systems too. All adding to the product’s popularity amongst the millions of users worldwide! 

A big thank you

And thankfully, there’s no sign of things slowing down... Since crossing the 10 million user mark last month, over 800,000 additional individuals have starting using Read&Write. We are blown away by the support you all have shown this product over the last few years.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the awesome people (like those of you reading this blog) that have used and shared Read&Write with others. So a big massive thank you to all of you.


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