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Martin McKay takes the stage with Kevin Gallo at Microsoft Windows Developer Day

Yesterday (October 10) we were super excited to attend the Microsoft Windows Developer Day in London where our Chief Technology Officer and founder of Texthelp, Martin McKay took to the stage with Kevin Gallo, Head of the Windows Developer Platform at Microsoft.

We are really trying to make a difference, and help people learn and express their knowledge more easily - all across the world.  Lots of people need to follow their own user experience when they interact with a piece of software - because of a disability or simply because of the different ways in which we all consume information.  Having access to and being able to create our software as a Universal Windows Platform Application allows us to provide that user experience.

Martin McKay & Kevin Gallo on stage at the Windows Developer Day

Read&Write as a Universal Windows Platform Application

Computing is changing - in education as much as anywhere.  At Texthelp, we are committed to staying at the front of the pack on all the platforms that our software runs on.  Windows used to be just a desktop, or server OS, but over the last few years it has been showing up in different flavours on tablets, giant touch screens, Raspberry PIs, Phones, Hololens.  UWP lets us write one codebase that is much more portable across different form factors.  If our code is portable we can get to market sooner.  Portable code helped us build a version of Read&Write as an edge extension. We were the first Education focused Edge extension.  

Read&Write for Microsoft Edge: 
Read&Write for Windows: 

EquatIO is launched in the Windows Store

We also unveiled our latest STEM offering - EquatIO - at the Microsoft Windows Developer Day.  EquatIO makes maths and other STEM subjects simple and accessible in today’s tech-focused classrooms, encouraging a more interactive, collaborative approach to the teaching and learning of maths related subjects.

EquatIO is Texthelp’s second product offering to make it into the Windows Store in a matter of weeks.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve been working closely with Microsoft and their Windows Apps Team as well as their Education team to get both Read&Write and EquatIO ready for Windows 10 and Windows 10 S users, so they can continue to access the vital supports that they need in the classroom.  

EquatIO for Windows: 

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