By Alastair Campbell, Workplace Product Manager

Read&Write for Windows just got better!

We’re constantly striving to unlock everyone’s full potential through innovative technology, and with Read&Write for Windows we just got a little closer to that goal.

Let’s take a look at what’s new...

Create your own toolbar

The Read&Write toolbar provides users with an invaluable set of features to work smarter but because we all think and work in different ways, there’s no one toolbar to suit all work styles.  

Now, with Read&Write for Windows, users can create their own toolbar with the features they prefer to use and increase their productivity even more.

To build your own Read&Write toolbar, go to General Settings and toggle on and off the feature icons.

Keyboard shortcuts to boost productivity

In today’s fast-paced world of work, the seconds soon add up.  If users could shave a few seconds off here and there they’d be on their way to being more efficient at their job.  

That’s what’s so great about our keyboard shortcuts - they make you much more productive.  

To view the list of feature shortcuts in Read&Write, go to General Settings.

Better user experience with JAWS

Read&Write has always worked nicely alongside other assistive technologies, such as JAWS, and we’ve enhanced the user experience a little.  

Now, when users navigate through the toolbar or the settings menu, they can press the spacebar to hear the name of the feature read aloud.  Toggle buttons are also read aloud with feedback on the state of the toggle - identifying whether it’s switched on or off.

Added accessibility features

Read&Write now has even more options for users navigating through the toolbar with their keyboard.  This includes: 

keyboard shortcuts for the settings menu
reading aloud of feature icons on the toolbar by pressing the spacebar or enter key
a visual outline around individual features to show users where they’ve navigated to

Other accessibility features include support for high contrast displays and high resolution screens.

Have you updated your version of Read&Write yet?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Alternatively, visit our dedicated Vocational Rehabilitation Center page to get your free assessors copy of Read&Write.



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