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Browsealoud just got bigger and smaller at the same time!

Announcing more launchpads and a smaller mobile integration. 

Today, we released an update to make Browsealoud more usable on mobiles and even more discoverable across all devices.

We listened to our customers who thought our mobile launchpad and toolbar were taking up too much real estate on their website.  And, we listened to our users who suggested we drop features that are largely redundant on small screens.  All this feedback was reviewed alongside our usage analytics and we decided to strip the mobile toolbar right back.  We hope you like what we’ve done.

Our customers also requested more launchpads to better suit their branding and website design.  So, we added some branded and non-branded launchpads to provide more flexibility.

So, what’s new for users?

Mobile toolbar has been transformed to improve user experience:
  • Launchpad: revised from oblong to circular shape for consistency across all screen sizes
  • Toolbar: stripped back to display the two most commonly used features
  • Features available: touch text to speak and translation
  • ‘Toast’ descriptions now appear when a feature is selected

And, what’s new for customers?

  • Launchpads: five branded & non-branded launchpads to choose from for all devices
  • Mobile Launchpad Style: revised from an oblong shape to a circular shape for consistency across all screen sizes and to free up precious website real estate
  • Mobile Launchpad Location Options: choose between bottom left and bottom right
  • Mobile Toolbar: stripped back to the two most commonly used features - freeing up website real estate here too
  • ‘Toast’ descriptions now appear when a user selects a feature
  • Customer Portal: it’s now easier than ever to customise your integration
Check out the new integration from your mobile by visiting our website,

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