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Texthelp @ SHRM 2019: Driving diversity & inclusion to encourage a talent rich workforce

Businesses are often quick to pride themselves on having a diverse and inclusive workplace when it comes to the established norms. Age, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity are just some of the areas that organizations now rightly strive to create platforms of support for. But the idea of a diversity & inclusion structure that supports employees with hidden disabilities is something that’s still relatively new.

The unfortunate downside is, of course, the potential for organizations to miss out on top tier talent when they don’t take into account the skills, ways of thinking, and problem solving capabilities of a staff network that’s as diverse as possible. That includes the neurodiverse - those with dyslexia, Asperger’s, ADHD, dyspraxia, and other hidden disabilities that, far from hindering day-to-day working, actually serve to set individuals apart for their unique attributes and what they can bring to the workplace.

As SHRM 2019 gets ever closer, attendees will no doubt find lots of valuable information on how to best support this growing type of workplace diversity. But ahead of the conference, we’ve put together what we feel are the three most essential points to consider when creating an accessible, inclusive, and welcoming home for all within an organization. 

Share Knowledge

Ensure everyone at work understands the challenges that persons with hidden disabilities face to help create a supportive environment where everybody can reach their full potential. To do so, consider training to help staff understand and empathize with the challenges their colleagues may face. Build a bank of useful resources and keep learning. It’s critical that when staff are welcomed into an organization that a lasting relationship of respect and support continues to grow. 

Prepare to accommodate

In creating an inclusive workplace, and celebrating the unique attributes those with a hidden disability can bring to the table, it’s essential that these colleagues can work in a way that suits them best. Prepare to ensure these employees feel comfortable to work at a pace and in an environment that empowers them. Take a flexible approach and consider providing a quiet, personal space or recognize that conventional means of communicating may not be the best way to elicit success.

Provide the right tools

While accommodations for staff should be widely known and in place, it’s important that they have access to the technology tools that allow them to thrive. After all, technology has long been considered the great enabler. Providing the right tools to empower and support staff can be a game-changer, with screen readers, Text-to-Speech, advanced spelling and grammar checkers, as well as predictive text all hugely powerful supports that can enable staff to work with confidence and independence.  


Of course, there are many more key considerations to take into account when building a welcoming workplace environment for those with a hidden disability, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with advice, solutions, and much more at SHRM 2019. 

Our Texthelpers will be at booth #2166 and are more than happy to have a conversation around diversity and inclusion at work, or provide a demonstration of our software tools that can help organizations become more inclusive and accessible for all, opening up the space for a wider pool of talented employees.


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