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How are you participating in Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

How are you participating in Global Accessibility Awareness Day? Read ahead to find out what you could do to celebrate this great day. 

Today marks Global Accessibility day (GAAD), a day that encourages designers, developers, usability professionals and the general public to take an hour to experience first hand the impact of digital accessibility.

Millions of people are unable to understand the information on websites. Our role, as industry professionals, is to ensure that organisations are aware that barriers exist for people when trying to access information online. These barriers exist for people with disabilities and long-term conditions, the older generation and those from socially deprived backgrounds.

To realise the importance of accessibility, we have listed a few of the recommended activities that you could try...

  • Go mouseless for an hour
  • Enlarge your fonts
  • Check for sufficient color contrast
  • Surf the web with a screen reader for an hour

We’d love to hear if you are taking part in GAAD, or if you will try any of the recommended activities.  Leave a comment in the reply section below.


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